Affiliate Program Guidelines

The following affiliate program guidelines are designed to help you succeed in your affiliate marketing efforts and avoid getting bitten by our head of security.

Purchasing Products Using Your Own Affiliate link

Affiliates are not eligible for commissions on purchases made through your own affiliate link.

Approved Sites for Our Affiliate Program

Most websites will qualify to participate in our affiliate program. We reserve the right to refuse acceptance or cancel an affiliate account at any time if we determine that your website or promotional efforts include objectionable content or black hat SEO tactics. Spammy sites and scraper sites need not apply.

Successful Affiliates

For the love of Pete, have original content on your website. High quality content is the absolute best way to make affiliate sales. For additional tips on success, learn how to run a successful affiliate campaign without being a douche.

Form 1099 for US Citizens

If you are a resident of the United States and earn more than $600 in a single year using our affiliate program, we are required to complete a 1099 form and submit it to the IRS. Them’s the rules and it’s why we ask for your Social Security or Tax ID number when you sign up.

Concerns and Questions About Possible Violation of the Affiliate Program’s Rules and Regulations

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Bad Things That Will Get Yourself Removed

Knowledge is power. Below are the ways you can get yourself on the Naughty Affiliate list. Any affiliates violating the terms below will have their affiliate status immediately revoked and will not be eligible for any pending or future payouts.

Use Company or Product Names in a Top-Level Domain

This just means don’t market our products via a site with a top-level domain that includes Carrie Dils or the name of any products sold here. Additionally, it’s a no-no to use any terms associated with Copyblogger Media (i.e. StudioPress, Genesis Framework, etc.).

Promoting Affiliate Links on Twitter With the Hashtag #GenesisWP

The #GenesisWP hashtag is intended to be a resource to the community, not a dumping ground for affiliate links. Please abide by StudioPress’ requirements of acceptable usage of the #GenesisWP hashtag, including:

While we encourage our Affiliates to engage and participate in StudioPress-related discussions using the Twitter hashtag #GenesisWP, spam links that include an obscured affiliate link are prohibited.

Using Affiliate Links on Pinterest

Same thing as with Twitter. StudioPress offers the following requirement when posting to Pinterest:

While we encourage you to pin our content to your boards, undisclosed affiliate links on StudioPress-related Pinterest pins are strictly prohibited.

Using Affiliate Links on Google+ or Facebook or Other Social Site

You get the idea. Disclose your affiliate links and don’t be sneaky.