Call to Action Bar (Front Page)

The "Call to Action" Bar is a widget area designed to get your site visitors’ attention. It’s a single widget area appearing only the front page of your site.

In the Utility Pro demo, I’m using the Genesis Enews Extended plugin in this space.

Meet the Call to Action Bar

The screenshot below is what we’re aiming for. Remember, you can use ANY widget here, but for the demo, I’m using the Genesis Enews Extended widget.

Let’s get started setting it up.

Locate the Widget Area

  1. Go to the Appearance menu and click Widgets
  2. Note the Call to Action widget area
  3. Note the Genesis Enews Extended widget

Pro tip: Widgets and widget areas are not the same thing. Widget Areas are designated placeholders in a theme where you can use widgets. Widgets are drag and droppable components that output some sort of content. Some widgets are included in WordPress core, other widgets are added by the Genesis Framework, and still other widgets can be added by a plugin or theme (hint: Utility Pro doesn’t add any widgets).

So, if you ask me "what widget should I use to do XYZ?", what you might mean is what plugin does XYZ and then provides a widget I can plop into a widget area. Totally clear as mud, right?

Set up the Genesis Enews Extended Widget

  1. Drag the Genesis Enews Extended widget to the Call to Action widget area
  2. Give your widget a title
  3. Write in whatever intro text you want
  4. Complete the remainder of the widget instructions based on your newsletter provider (here are directions for Aweber, MailChimp, and Feedblitz)
  5. Click the Save button to save the widget area (not shown – screenshot too darn long)

Note: This is off-topic a bit, but as of this writing I haven’t seen Genesis Enews Extended work with Constant Contact. That’s because Constant Contact provides the worst developer tools ever (basically, none).

Author: Carrie Dils

I make the stuff you see on this site. When I'm not working with WordPress, I'm likely reading, eating, or sleeping.