Configuring WP Accessibility

WP Accessibility is a great plugin created by Joe Dolson to address accessibility issues in WordPress. It’s freely available at

Note: There are a some features in the plugin that do not work for themes running on the Genesis Framework. Nothing bad happens if you enable them; they just don’t do anything.

Those features are as follows:

  • Add Skiplinks
  • Add language and text direction attributes to your HTML attribute
  • Add an outline to the keyboard focus state for focusable elements.
  • Remove title attribute from images inserted into post content and featured images.
  • Remove redundant title attributes from page lists, category lists, and archive menus.
  • Add post title to “more” links. Continue reading text.

If you want any of these features, use the Genesis Accessible plugin for those options. And don’t worry about skiplinks — they’re included with Utility Pro.

WP Accessibility has great documentation outlining what each feature does. I’m not going to reinvent the wheel, so head over here to learn more about WP Accessibility features.

Author: Carrie Dils

I make the stuff you see on this site. When I'm not working with WordPress, I'm likely reading, eating, or sleeping.