Create the Front Page

Before we start configuring widget areas, we need to create a page and tell WordPress to use it as our Front Page. The front page in Utility Pro is unique as it provides multiple widget areas as well as a showing of recent blog posts.

From your WordPress admin, go to the Pages menu and click Add New.

Publish Your New Page

This really might be the easiest part of all! Once you’ve got a new page to work with, do the following:

  1. Give it a name (I’m calling mine Front Page, but you can call yours Home or Rotten Strawberries – it doesn’t matter)
  2. Click the Publish button

Seriously. That’s it. We’re not using a special template, giving it a special name, or anything else.

Set this Page to be the “Front page”

The next piece of the puzzle is to tell WordPress to use this Front Page we’ve created as the Front page for our site. What this does is cause the front-page.php template file in Utility Pro to be called.

If you’re really curious why things work this way, read up on the Template Hierarchy over at

  1. From your WordPress admin, go to the Settings menu and click on Reading
  2. Under Front page displays, select the radio button to display A static page
  3. From the Front page dropdown, select the Front Page you just created
  4. Click the Save Changes button
  5. Note that we’ve got a Blog page selected in our Posts page dropdown. (Hey! Not created that Blog page yet? Don’t worry! Continue on with this tutorial and you can pickup up with the how to set up your Blog tutorial later!
  6. Also note the Blog page shows at most option determines how many posts will show up on your site’s front page and blog page.

Okay, I’m done noting.

Did you gloss over #5 above and freak out when you saw the Posts page set to Blog in the above screenshot? Seriously, don’t. We’ll cover that in the set up your Blog tutorial. 🙂

Pro Tip: While the blog posts at the bottom of the home page are by design, you can remove these if you like. Have a look at this post: Tutorial: Change the Home Page on Utility Pro. This tutorial walks you through several options for the home page including removing the blog posts and showing content from your static page.

Author: Carrie Dils

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