Installing Utility Pro

The instructions below will walk you through uploading, installing, and activating the Utility Pro theme.

Important! Utility Pro is a child theme for the Genesis Framework. The Genesis Framework must be installed in order to use Utility Pro. If you do not own the Genesis Framework, you can purchase a copy here.

Installing Utility Pro

To install Utility Pro, do the following:

From your WordPress dashboard, go to the Appearance menu and select Themes.

Add a New Theme

Click the Add New theme button at the top of the page or the Add New Theme box next to your other themes.

Upload Theme

Click the Upload Theme button.

Upload & Install Utility Pro

Now you’re ready to upload the Utility Pro theme from your local computer. Select the Choose File button to locate Utility Pro on your hard drive. Once chosen, click the Install Now button.

Activate Utility Pro

The last step is to activate Utility Pro!

All Done!

This isn’t really a step – just an FYI. Now when you go to Appearance > Themes, you’ll see a static screenshot of the Utility Pro theme and that it is Active.

Author: Carrie Dils

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