Setting Up the Footer Widgets

Utility Pro comes with three footer widget areas. You don’t have to use them (if you don’t, they won’t show up), but if you’d like to use them, here’s how.

Locate the Footer Widget Areas

To get to the Footer widget areas (Footer 1, Footer 2, Footer 3), go to your WordPress dashboard and:

  1. Click on the Appearance > Widgets menu item

Take a look on the other side of the screen!

Where the Footer Widgets Apppear in Your Theme

Here’s where those Footer widgets show up on your site.

  1. Footer 1
  2. Footer 2
  3. Footer 3

Note: Footer 1 must have a widget in it or Footer 2 and Footer 3 will not show (even if they have widgets)

Configuring the Footer Widgets

You can drag and drop any available widget into these three widget areas.

In the Utility Pro demo, I’m using plain Text widgets for Footer 1 and Footer 2. I’m using the WordPress Search widget for Footer 3.

Author: Carrie Dils

I make the stuff you see on this site. When I'm not working with WordPress, I'm likely reading, eating, or sleeping.