Setting Up Your Blog

Utility Pro doesn’t use the Genesis Framework "blog" template. Instead, you can set up your blog using the regular WordPress way, which we’ll walk through shortly.

In case you’re curious about the Genesis blog template and why we don’t use it, read this information article.

Step 1: Add New Page

From within your WordPress dashboard, go to the Pages menu and click Add New.

Add Page Title & Publish

  1. Next up, add your page title. In the example below, I’m calling mine "Blog," but you can call yours whatever you’d like.
  2. Click the Publish button
  3. Note that we didn’t add any content to the page
  4. Note that we’re using the Default Template

Set the Post page

  1. Go to the Settings menu and select Reading
  2. Select the radio button for A static page
  3. From the Posts page dropdown, select your Blog page that you created previously
  4. Click Save Changes

Add the Blog to your Menu (optional)

  1. From the Appearance menu, select Menus
  2. If this is a new menu, enter the Menu Name and click the Create Menu button (not shown)
  3. From the list of Pages on the left, check the box next to your Blog page
  4. Click Add to Menu
  5. Click Save Menu

You can now use this menu anywhere in your theme, by setting it as the Primary Navigation Menu, the Secondary Navigation Menu, or using the Custom Menu widget in an available Widget Area.

Author: Carrie Dils

I make the stuff you see on this site. When I'm not working with WordPress, I'm likely reading, eating, or sleeping.