Just the FAQs, ma’am

We get the following questions a lot. That’s why they’re FAQs. But if you don’t see your question answered below, drop us a line.

Do I need the Genesis Framework? Yes. Utility Pro is built on the WordPress industry-standard Genesis Framework and will not work as a standalone theme.

Can I change plans? You betcha. If you underestimated how much you’d love using Utility and need to upgrade your license, we’ll do so minus the cost of your original purchase.  To upgrade:

  • Go to  Your Account, log in if prompted.
  • Click the View Licenses link on the plan you’d like to upgrade.
  • Click on View Upgrades under the Upgrades column.
  • Click Upgrade License and follow the instructions.

Can I use the theme on multiple sites? Absolutely. Doesn’t matter which license you purchased, you’re free to use the theme on as many sites as you want. The license is for support, so whichever site you activate the license on – that’s the one we’ll support!

Does Utility Pro work with WooCommerce? Yes! All you’ll need to use Utility Pro with WooCommerce is the (free) Genesis Connect for WooCommerce plugin.

Does Utility Pro work with Beaver Builder? Yes! You’ll want to install the (free) Genesis Dambuster plugin to “bridge the gap” between the Genesis Framework and Beaver Builder.

Can I customize Utility Pro? Absolutely! That’s the beauty of working with the Genesis Framework – you are free to customize the theme in any way you wish to meet your project objectives. Please note that support does not cover assistance with site customizations, however, we are always happy to recommend quality developers.

Will my theme stop working if the license expires? Goodness no! Assuming no massive changes in WordPress core or the Genesis Framework, your theme will continue to work just fine. You will not, however, have access to our support or available theme updates.

What do I get for renewing my license? You get access to another calendar year of our awesome support staff as well as any available updates.

What type of payments do you accept? We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. Unfortunately we do not offer PayPal payments.

Do you offer refunds? Before requesting a refund, you must give us the opportunity to try and help solve any problems by opening a support ticket. If you have problems getting our products to work as advertised, with our support assistance, we’re happy to provide a full refund within 30 days of the original purchase. After 30 days, no refunds will be given. We don’t offer a refund if you simply decide not to use purchased products. We take pride in the quality of our products and will do our best to help solve any issues you have, but we also expect you to understand what you are purchasing and why.

Which web browsers do you support? We offer support for the current major release version and one past major release of these following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox (PC & Mac), Safari (PC & Mac), Chrome (PC & Mac).

Can screen readers use your mobile menu? Yes! We’ve added the appropriate Aria roles to the hamburger icon that appears when viewing a site in viewports < 768px. The menu works with the following screen readers: Jaws for Windows version 11 to 16, Window Eyes version 9, System Access, VoiceOver, (Mack and iOS) Chromevox and Talkback.

What does “accessible” mean for Utility Pro? This theme meets the conforms to accessibility standards set out in WCAG 2.0 AA. Additionally, WordPress themes using the tag “accessibility-ready” must meet these requirements. Utility Pro meets all WordPress requirements for accessibility-ready.

What the heck does “Gruntified” mean? Grunt is basically a developer’s Best Friend for automating common tasks. For Utility Pro, our Grunt file includes helpers for automatically generating files related to translations (RTL, .pot, .mo). We hope that other developers will use Utility Pro as their go-to starter theme and add other Grunt tasks that suit their workflow. If all this is Greek to you, here’s a good starter article.

Can I see what others have done with Utility Pro? We thought you’d never ask! Check out our Showcase. If you’d like to be added, drop us a line here.

What’s up with the DesktopServer Blueprint? DesktopServer is our favorite tool for quickly/easily creating local WordPress installs. Now, imagine your ideal WordPress setup (you know you always do certain same things for every setup) and save it as a blueprint you can use to re-create that same setup over and over. Well, we’ve already created our favorite blueprint and folks buying our developer license can use it, too (note: to use blueprints, you’ve got to have a copy of DesktopServer – the Limited version is free!)

What languages files does Utility Pro include? So far we’ve got Dutch, Hebrew, Hindi, French, Norwegian (Bokmål), Portugese, Portugese (Brazil), Spanish (Argentina), Spanish (Spain), and Spanish (Venezuela). Utility Pro also includes a .pot file so you can translate to any additional languages. Localized for these markets

What does “translation-ready” mean? All text strings used in the theme are coded in a way that they can be easily translated. Utility Pro includes a .pot file with all of these strings so you can translate to other languages using a tool like Poedit or any of these translation tools.

Is the theme truly RTL? Yes! You can install and use this theme out-of-the-box with no style customizations needed. All text and design elements automatically “flip” when used with an RTL language.

What does support include? Support is our opportunity to help you get the theme set up just like our beautiful demo. If you’re lucky enough to spot a bug in our product, we’ll get that fixed up for you, too.

Do you provide help with theme customizations? Sorta. While we can’t provide actual code for customizations (every customization is a unique snowflake!), we’ll always do our best to point you to a helpful resource (or even recommend a great developer to hire).

What happens if there’s an update available? Child themes are meant to be customized and made your own. That means that we do not recommend updating Utility Pro if you’ve made any customizations to theme files. All theme updates will also have an accompanying tutorial of how to manually apply updated elements without losing your customizations.

Will you set up my site for me? Yes! We’ve officially launched our Theme Setup Packages. Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

Why are there blog posts on the home page, can I change this?  Yes!  While the blog area on the bottom of the home page is by design, you can remove it if you like.   See this tutorial for details on how to customize the Utility Pro home page many different ways from here to Sunday:  Tutorial: Change the Home Page on Utility Pro.

Do you offer discounts? We do not offer discounts for groups or organizations. However, we would offer discounts for bulk license purchases (500+).  Also, we occasionally run pricing specials that we would announce on the store homepage.

Do you have an affiliate program? Yes we do! If you’re interested, fill out an application.

Do you use affiliate links on this site? We do, but only for things we trust, love, and use ourselves.

Did you use your Utility Pro theme on this nifty-looking store site?  We’re glad you like it, but no.  This is a theme recommended  from the Easy Digital Downloads theme page.  It’s called Marketify.  It’s not a Genesis theme, but don’t tell anyone.

Will Utility Pro do my dishes? Unfortunately not. We hope future versions will support both laundry folding and dish washing.